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When you get sand and soil debris in the carpet, these little particulates have sharp ends that can cut into the surface of the filaments when strolled on. When the filaments commence getting scratched up more than enough, the traffic areas search dirty. It's not dirt though, it's actually abrasion. And I'm sorry, even if you had the very best carpet cleaner in the country (uh, that's me) clean your site visitors areas, the abrasion is normally permanent. In fact , here's a tiny carpet inspector secret: to learn if your traffic areas that look dirty are really tricky, or if they have d├ęgradation, take a bright light (at least 200 watts) and hold it directly over the traffic area you're inspecting. In the event the dirt is actually dirt, you will see it even easier. However , whether it's abrasion, you won't see it. So you can either hang bright lighting over all of your traffic areas all the time to hide the corrosion, or you can vacuum all of them correctly from the start.

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