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The last major issue with corridor carpets that is sometimes seen is when wall to wall carpet is changed by new carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are installed which has a pressure sensitive adhesive. This adhesive must be applied to a clean concrete surface free from all contaminants including adhesive from previous carpet installations. If pressure sensitive lime is applied over the older carpet adhesive then it compact in with it, moisture is definitely trapped and as the water eventually tries to escape throughout the edges of the carpet floor tiles and lift or the unique adhesive emulsifies. Again this matter is usually blamed on the supplier and the carpet supplier will usually try and gluedown the weightlifting edges using adhesive that they should not be using in try out keep the lifting edges down on the concrete. The obstacle for most condominium corporations certainly is the assumption that carpeting will be installed by spec. If your company who does things correctly quotes against a company who not the price difference is rather substantial. Inevitably the companies who all make short cuts or don't know the standards get awarded the contract. Unfortunately the sad truth is very few businesses are installing according to standard.

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